Homage to The Legends of Horror

by Disgorged Corpse

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released February 10, 2012

Necrocorpse - Vox/Guitar/Drum Machine



all rights reserved


Disgorged Corpse Raleigh, North Carolina

Disgorged Corpse - was founded in October of 2010 and went through different changes/different line-ups, until one day the singer decided to go solo and do his own thing with the music. Ended in 2014.

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Track Name: The Apocalypse Is Here! (Instrumental)
Track Name: Disgrace Of All Mankind
(Verse 1)
Your flesh is carved off by my knife
The life you knew was all a lie
You cheated your way through lust and pain
The price you pay is all in vain!
(Verse 2)
Blood is soaked all over my skin
Freeing you from all of your sins
In my eyes you’re all the same
Treating life as if it’s a game!

Bleeding and needing, that’s all that you do
Gore is spilling from all of your wounds
You’re begging for mercy - see if I care!
You made up your mind - Life isn’t fair!
Fuck all your whining, Fuck all your crying
After this, you’ll end up dying!
Nothing is sacred, not even your life
You’re the Disgrace of all Mankind!

(Verse 3)
Blood spraying upon my face
Your sitting there without a gaze
My killing spree is far from done
Not before I have some fun!
(Verse 4)
Now your corpse is underground
Where it will never be found
All your lies were justified
Once you met your untimely demise!
Track Name: Camp Blood (The Legend of Jason Voorhees)
Blood splatters across my mask
As I hack you with my axe
Limb from limb ~ you've fallen dead
As a gift ~ I take your head
Pussywhipped men and bludgeoned up whores
they all looke the same when they're bleeding out gore
sadistic mutilation occuring in front of me
Insanity has taken over, why can't you see?

Trying to escape is a fucking waste of time
You'll just end up being..my number 9
I've become a legend, I am Jason Voorhees!
I won't stop ~ once you start to bleed!..

Death has finally found you
where you cannot hide!
You've become a victim~now you deserve to die!
Track Name: The Springwood Slasher
The Springwood Slasher is what I'm called
My melted flesh and razor sharp claws
I'm a fucking demon that invades your dreams
Cutting your stomach open, so I can hear you scream!
I'm a child murderer who was burned in flames
To you I'm just another fucker who went insane
I wear a Christmas sweater and baggy pants
I'm a crazy fucker, I'll put you in a trance!

1,2 - Can't wait to kill you!
3,4 - You're just a fucking whore!
5,6 - You can suck my dick!
7,8 - How's feel to be raped?
9,10 - Can't wait to do it again!

Hot feisty bitches is what turns me on
I'm gonna violate you to this song
My knives are cutting through your skin
Torturing and killing always makes me grin
Your scream are like music to my ears
Don't you worry...There's nothing to fear..
...but fear itself!..